Color Wheel – Color Calculator

Color Calculator – “Use the color wheel to find the perfect color scheme with the Sessions College color calculator. Endless free color combinations, working from any base color.  Whether you’re designing a logo or painting a house, choosing colors can be frustrating. Where do you start? Which colors work together, and why? How can you creatively explore […]

Article – The Essential Guide to Colour Correction

The Essential Guide to Color Correction – “What junior designers need to know when it comes to color correcting images.  Colour correction is a phrase that often appears in job ads for junior designers, but it can mean different things to different people. If a studio mainly works with motion graphics, animation and film, the ad […]

Article – The Psychology of Color for Your Brand

The Psychology of Color for Your Brand – “The psychology of color means that different colors have different effects on you – and your business audience!  This makes the color a vital factor in your branding. Color plays a huge role in your audience’s perception of your company, as well as their remembering you!  In the […]

How To Choose Colours That Work Well Together

How To Choose Colours That Work Well Together – Infographic – “It’s not easy choosing colors when you’re designing a logo, website or even your business cards. There are so many elements that you have to consider. Elements such as does the artwork align with my brand, will the psychology behind the colors resonate with […]

Article – How to Master Color Theory

How to Master Color Theory – “We cut through the jargon to explain the basic concepts and terminology of color theory, in words that you can understand.  Colour is such a pervasive part of everything we visually encounter in the world, that for many designers it becomes an intuitive choice. If you think back to school […]

Color Theory by Canva

Color Theory by Canva – “Remember back to your early school days, when having a 64-count box of Crayola crayons to choose from was the ultimate in creative freedom?  Well, as a designer in the digital era, you certainly don’t have to stick to the colors available from paints, inks, or other pigments, though there’s a […]

Color Theory: Brief Guide For Designers

Color Theory: Brief Guide For Designers – “Many people think the choice of colors for UI mostly depends on the designer’s taste and sense of beauty. However, the process of the color selection is more complicated than it seems and plays a significant role in design. In one of our previous articles devoted to color psychology, […]